Veterinary Recommendations

See below our list of recommendations for your pet's health.


  1. Yearly physical exams – extremely important since our pets age faster than we do. Preventative medicine is much more successful than trying to correct an already present disease.
  2. Vaccinations – to avoid diseases that are preventable with vaccination is the key to successful pet health care.
  3. Yearly stool checks – prevent/control risk of intestinal parasites is important for our pet’s health but also to prevent transmission to people and other pets.
  4. Yearly heartworm test – for dogs and monthly heartworm prevention. Heartworms are carried by mosquitos and it takes only 1 bite to infect your dog or cat!
  5. Feline leukemia/FeAIDS test – all cats should be tested prior to coming into your home to try to prevent these deadly cat diseases and yearly if outdoors/exposure risk.
  6. Spay and neuter all pets – older than six months of age. Benefits include preventing breast cancer; uterine infections; testicular and prostate cancer and some aggression problems.
  7. Flea control!!! We strongly recommend our topical flea/tick products due to their safety and effectiveness!
  8. Blood chemistry tests – recommend performing yearly and prior to surgery to detect diseases before they cause your pet harm.
  9. Dental care – brushing at home; professional clean and polish at our hospital as needed.


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