Our Boarding Service

We are happy to keep your pet safe and happy while you are away!


**You may print your boarding admittance form here and
bring with you when your pet comes in to board with us**

Requirements for pets staying at The Burlington Animal Hospital:

We do not allow release of pets during non-operational hours of our hospital.  We are open Monday-Friday 7:30-5:30 and Saturday 8:00-12:00.  We are not a 24 hour facility and the business is not staffed overnight.  We do have kennel staff that come in on the weekends to care for all our boarding patients.

We are a full service veterinary hospital, grooming and boarding facility. In order to provide a safe environment for all our patients, we must require all pets that stay in our facility to meet the standards described below to protect not only themselves but all other pets in the facility.

  1. Current vaccination status (proof of current vaccines and dates given)
    1. Dogs: DHPP-C; Bordetella and Rabies vaccines
    2. Cats: FVR-CP; Rabies vaccines
    3. *We will honor vaccination titer performed < 1 year that demonstrates adequate protection for the above.
  2. Free from external parasites (fleas, ticks or lice). If any parasites are found, your pet will be treated at owner’s expense.
  3. On monthly heartworm prevention (verified by purchase) or negative stool check for parasites < 6 months. If any parasites are found, your pet will be treated at owner’s expense.

We will gladly check your pet’s vaccination status by contacting other veterinary hospitals, as long as you can provide us their name and phone number. We do not acknowledge owner/breeder given vaccines. If your pet is found to not be current on any of the above standards, we will administer treatment or care, at your expense.

We ask all clients to provide us an emergency contact phone number any time your pet is left at our facility. We will try to contact you, in cases of serious problems/illness, but in the event we cannot reach you, we will begin medical care and continue to try to reach you. You will be held responsible for any treatment expenses incurred. It is very important to leave us a phone number that will be answered!

We feed our boarders twice a day and recommend you bring in their normal home diet. If a diet is not provided, we will feed a commercial dry, adult food to your pet. If they will not eat it, we will offer a canned diet.

We provide your pet with blankets and food & water bowls.  Please do not bring blankets, bowls or beds for your pet.  They may be too large or bulky to fit properly in the run/cage and they may get soiled or damaged and we may not be able to properly clean them.  You may bring 1-2 toys as long as they are intact and have no strings. If you elect to bring in items, we will do our best to keep the items clean and intact, but we can not be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

“Dr Marklin at Burlington Animal Hospital has been our vet since Dr. Brown sold his practice to her.  He made a great choice in Dr. Marklin.  We have visited with Dr. Tickle and Dr. Harris with our pets as well.  They are all wonderful with our cats and dogs, especially as they age.  We have had emergencies and we have even had to make the hard choices on a few occasions and they have been there for us.  Dr. Marklin has always employed a professional and caring staff who are always responsive to help with our pets’ health care.  We are very grateful that we can count on Burlington Animal Hospital.”

Gloria and Barbara Brown


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